SimplyNano 1® experimental kit

SimplyNano 1® - The Experimental Kit for Schools

The new experimental kit "SimplyNano 1®" was developed by the SimplyScience foundation together with The Innovation Society, St.Gallen. It comprises teaching materials, chemicals and laboratory materials for 8 exciting experiments from the world of nanotechnology.

The kit addresses students from 7th-10th grade. It introduces phenomena of nanotechnology in a comprehensive manner.

What has the kit to offer?

The kit offers tutorials for students, commentaries for teachers and presentation slides. All content is easily comprehensible and attractively illustrated. The topics nano dimension, reactivity of nano particles and nano surfaces are ostentively presented.

One of the highlights of "SimplyNano 1" is a model of a scanning force microscope that can be built with LEGO® bricks and a surface can be scanned. The kit aims at promoting the fascination for natural scientific topics already at the secondary school level.

Workshop for the "SimplyNano 1®" Experimental Kit

The introduction of the "SimplyNano 1®" experimental kit is accompanied with teacher courses that demonstrate the use of the kit. The participants of the courses are taught the phenomena of nanotechnology using easily understandable examples and experiments of the "SimplyNano 1®" kit. After the course participants are able to use the experiments in the kit and can integrate them effectively in their science classes. Participants can take one experimental kit home, free-of-charge.



NEWS concerning the experimental kit and current developments you can find here.

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