360° Weborama

What is a 360°-"Weborama"?

The "Weborama" is a web-based information tool which can be used in different areas of training and education. Clickable information can be embedded in a 360° panorama photo of any situation or environment. The user can move around in the virtual environment and retrieve boxes which contain information, multiple-choice and "traffic light"- questions. At the same time, pictures, videos and informative links can be clicked and viewed. "Weborama" may also be implemented as a game in which the user collects points by answering questions correctly. It is also possible to connect several "Weboramas". The strength of the "Weborama" tool is the connection between the clickable objects and the time- and location-independent availability of the online tool.

Wherefore can the "Weborama" be used?

The tool can be used in all areas of web-based training and education, as an "edutainment application" or in interactive marketing.

  • Training and Education

    Prevention You want to teach your staff how to handle hazardous substances or machines correctly. By means of interaction elements, users are provided with valuable knowledge.
    Training Develop a teaching unit supporting you with the transfer of knowledge in training and education.
    Promotion of young talents Use the "Weborama" to offer insights into your professional environment to interested people and to awaken interest in your specialist field.

  • Communication

    Interactive Marketing Show your clients your enterprise, your products or take them for a virtual walk through your city, your museum and so on.
    Web Tourism Present the advantages of your destination in an informative and interesting way using a "Weborama". Bring the landscapes, the mountain peaks and the hospitality to your customers.
    Online Campaigns Launch an information campaign, for example on "recycling" or "renewable energies". Provide the visitors, thanks to the "Weborama", with an impression of processes and modes of function and use the tool simultaneously for the placement  of tips.
    Online Competitions  Design a virtual treasure hunt. Let the user discover a virtual treasure using hints made visible through interaction.


Until now, the "Weborama" was used to create five different "Nanoramas". These inform on every day products containing nanomaterials  ("Nanorama Loft") and on the safe handling of nanomaterials on construction sites, in laboratories and in car workshops.


"Nanorama Loft" (Swiss Nano-Cube)


Nanorama Loft


"Nanorama Construction" (DGUV)



"Nanorama Laboratory" (DGUV)



"Nanorama Car Workshop" (DGUV)


You want to use the technology for your organisation?

If you want to develop your own "Weborama", do not hesitate to contact us. It is our pleasure to help you.

Click here to read the "Weborama" flyer.

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